Simple resources to make your life easier. . .

It’s often the simple things in life that make a difference. With over twenty five years experience in charities and not for profit organisations we have seen some of the best (and the worst) resources that are available to ‘help’ CEO’s, Chairs and Senior leaders in their roles.

What we’ve often found missing (and what our clients often ask for) are simple practical tools and templates or great examples that save you time and are quick and easy to use. So many resources actually exist (of varying degrees of quality) that it can be difficult to sort the wheat from the chaff – so we have developed a few of our own. They are based on years of experience, lots of web trawling and combining the best of the best.

Our mantra is simple:-

  1. Less is more
  2. Must be relevant, practical, quick and easy to use
  3. 80:20 – ie 80% done for you, 20% for you to do
We will be adding to our resource library over time so if there is anything in particular you would find useful, do let us know. In the meantime here are a few simple starters for ten. . .

      Good Governance

      Board Agenda

      The first step to running a great meeting is ensuring you have a clear agenda. Our simple template gives you a great format to use to build an effective Board agenda plus a number of helpful 'prompts' to get the balance of items right.

      Board Paper

      Reporting to the Board is a critical task for any senior leader. Too much information and you are in the weeds, too little and the Board are unable to make informed decisions. Our template gives a framework for reporting.

      Board Financial

      Reporting the financial position of the organisation to the Board is critical. Yet often the quality of financial reporting either goes into too much detail or not enough. Our simple template helps you to get the balance right.

      Trustee Code of Conduct

      Following the publication of the new Charity Governance Code in 2017, an increasing number of charities are developing a trustee code of conduct. This is good practice and here is our suggestion as a starter for ten.

      Governance Group Terms of Reference

      Over the last few years charities and governance has been under an intense spotlight. Many have set up a special Group to review and bring oversight. Here is a suggested Terms of reference

      The CEO's Board Report

      A key function of any charity board is to hold the CEO/Senior leader to account and ensure they are delivering against the organisations strategy. The report of the CEO is a critical part of Board reporting.

      Strategy & Impact

      Organisational Strategy

      Developing your organisational strategy is a critical but often challenging task for any CEO or senior leader. Honed over many years, here is our offering to get you started. on your journey.

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