So we have been open for business for our first week – what have I learnt?

    1. There is a hell of a lot to think about when setting up your own business!
    2. It’s great to have a desk space in a friends office – a place to still ‘go to work’ and a quiet space away from other distractions (like the dog barking and other household distractions).
    3. I am definitely not a ‘sit in a quiet office all day’ kind of guy. Those who know me will already know that! Keeping a good balance of quiet time in the office vs getting out and about has been great – interesting, enjoyable and healthy for my sanity (and hopefully business).
    4. Whilst it might sound and feel great to have four potential projects/pieces of work in the pipeline already in week one, never take anything for granted!
    5. Social media (in the right measures) is not a distraction – but a great tool for business and for helping  fuel my thinking.
    6. And finally – my end of day dog walking with Oliver is really great time to reflect and think – thank you Oliver!What I learnt this week Thrive Consulting

    Roll on week 2 – another varied week of time in the office, meetings in London, some mentoring sessions and decisions on accountants and bank accounts!


    Former charity CEO passionate about helping charities and not for profit organisations across the UK to Thrive. With over 25 years experience I support people and charities to be the very best they can be. I recently set up Thrive Charity Consulting offering a wealth of insight, experience and expert advice. We help people to solve problems, overcome challenges and maximise individual and organisational effectiveness.

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