So, week two has come and nearly gone and its been another varied week of invigorating meetings, business planning/ideas generation, some CEO mentoring, first client projects confirmed – and in between all this the delights of trying to find a good accountant!

This week I’ve also started to focus on trying to answer a simple question:

How does a charity CEO best use the internet to help them in their role?

Some early observations suggest there are three key areas:

1. For Information and Resources

  • The internet has obviously revolutionised how we find/consume news, information and resources. CEO’s use it (to varying degrees) as their mainstay for finding information and helpful resources to help them in their role. Adding the word ‘free’ in the search string is important!

2. For Research and Intelligence

  • An obvious statement but many CEO’s tell me they spend a proportion of their professional time using the web for research purposes – it can help formulate thinking and be a great reference point for generating ideas and keeping abreast with what others are up to. As one CEO put it – thank god for google!
  • But it takes time (usually time they don’t have) to sort the ‘wheat from the chaff’.

3. For Connecting and Influencing (via social media)

  • So many CEO’s are really not quite sure what to do in the social media space, how to get started – or even aware of the benefits and opportunities it brings! Yet those who do dive in often become evangelical about how it can help. I’m delighted therefore to see a growing number of charity CEO’s joining the ‘Social CEO’s’ revolution – but there are so many more still yet to embrace the benefits and opportunities. I’m an avid fan of the work Zoe Amar and Matt Collins are doing in this space, in particular their Social CEO’s awards programme – good luck to all those who have been nominated this year!
  • As a CEO I used Twitter a great deal – and got a tremendous amount out of it (and I still do!) Here is a blog I wrote earlier this year as part of the ACEVO charity leaders network blog.
  • Alongside this I’m also looking forward to contributing to the Social CEO book currently being written by Damian Corbett – another champion of the Social CEO phenomenon, not just in charities but across sectors and industries globally

I know from my time as a senior leader and CEO in the sector that the world wide web can be a great source of inspiration and practical support for CEO’s – but the challenge is knowing what’s out there and being able to find it quickly. So how do you make greatest use of the wonderful thing that is the world wide web? How does it help you in your role – and what might make this easier for you? Answers on a postcard please!

Over the coming weeks I’m going to be putting more thought to the question of how charity CEO’s best use the internet to help them in their role – if you have any great insight or examples I’d love to hear from you – drop me a tweet, an email or connect with me via Linkedin.

Roll on week three!


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